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June 7, 2007

A note to French waiters

A note to French waiters on how to correctly translate the menu item "petite friture" for your English-speaking customers: it's not as helpful to say "fried fish" as it is to say "fried fishes", or perhaps even "little fried fishies".

Imagine my suprise at having the dish below set in front of me at a cafe in Cassis, France, when I was expecting something more like a whole filet:

Petite friture, or fried fishes
"Petite friture". Click for a larger view.

I ordered this dish during a trip in France this May for our 10th wedding anniversary. While petite friture doesn't exactly look appetizing, at least to me, I have to admit that it didn't taste so bad. Nor did any of our waitstaff fit the stereotype of the rude French waiter-- they were all very friendly, and considerably patient with my poor attempts to converse in French.