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You'll need hubris to produce this demo

You've probably heard of Apple's HTML5 showcase by now, but not for the reason that Apple hoped. Instead of showing off the latest capabilities of Apple hardware and software, the site has garnered criticism for promoting HTML5 and web standards while requiring the use of Safari to view the demos.


Even though this issue hit the blogosphere last week, I just came across these entries in Apple's own Safari Web Content Guide which show just how hypocritical this move really is:

Follow Good Web Design Practices

You should follow well-established rules of good web design...
  • Be browser independent.
    Avoid using the user agent string to check which browser is currently running. Instead, read Object De- tection to learn how to determine if a browser supports a particular object, property, or method, and read Detecting WebKit with JavaScript to learn how to detect specific WebKit versions. Also use the W3C standard way of accessing page objects--that is, use getElementByID("elementName"). Only as a last resort, use the user agent string...
[Italics mine.]

There are better ways to promote Safari than to make users believe that Safari is the only browser that supports HTML5. I wouldn't blame them if they told users "For the best experience, use Safari", or if they directed users to download Safari without intimating that it was required.

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Funny thing is, Apple's demos work fine in Chrome (same browser engine). Just follow this link to get around those misleading popups: http://developer.apple.com/safaridemos/