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Don't bother with your name, we already know who you are

While reading about data privacy practices in the U.S., I came across the The Network Advertising Initiative's page to opt out of behavioral advertising. At first it struck me as funny that the form didn't ask me to identify myself so that they could tell who was opting out of their program, but then it occurred to me: they already know.

It's a good thing that the industry offers an opt-out form. With the ever-shrinking personal privacy we have in this day and age, the advertising and marketing industry had better start coming up with its own policies to protect our privacy before the government (or private attorneys) do it for them. But not asking for a name is either a dumb omission or just flaunting the fact that they already have too wide a window into our lives.

Comments (3)

It's just a browser cookie setting to opt out?

Todd, it's not a cookie setting per se, but a setting in the database of this industry group who is tracking you through cookies.

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