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How to upgrade to CF 8.0.1 on Linux

In my previous post, I wrote about the trouble I had trying to install the CF 8.0.1 Updater for Linux. Thanks to a few good tips from Brian and Todd, I now know how to install the Updater without a problem-- but I think that I might as well post the solution since Adobe doesn't seem to realize that it may not be obvious to everyone.

Because the Updater has a .zip extension, I took it for a zip file. Without any other direction from Adobe, that seems like a reasonable course of action to me. But when you try to unzip the updater, you get errors. The solution is pretty simple: just download the updater file, change its extension from .sh to .bin, make it executable, and then call it directly:

# wget http://download.macromedia.com/pub/coldfusion/updates/801/coldfusion-801-lin_updater.zip
# mv coldfusion-801-lin_updater.zip coldfusion-801-lin_updater.bin
# chmod 755 coldfusion-801-lin_updater.bin
# ./coldfusion-801-lin_updater.bin

That will start the Updater quite nicely. Oh, and one other thing-- when the Updater finished and I went to view my site, I got a 500 error from the webserver. A simple stop-and-start of the coldfusion_8 service did the trick:

# service coldfusion_8 stop
Stopping ColdFusion 8, please wait
Stopping coldfusion server..stopped
ColdFusion 8 has been stopped
# service coldfusion_8 start
Starting ColdFusion 8...
The ColdFusion 8 server is starting up and will be available shortly.
ColdFusion 8 has been started.
ColdFusion 8 will write logs to /opt/coldfusion8/logs/cfserver.log

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