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Webmail Pro

Webmail Pro offers a whole suite of personalized, database-driven email features comparable to Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and Outlook Express.

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For Developers:
Webmail Pro offers ColdFusion developers and system administrators an easy way to get an email interface up and running in no time at all. Installation can be as easy as unzipping the Webmail Pro files anywhere in the web root, modifying a few lines in the Application.cfm, and running the included database configuration script. Webmail Pro's table schema even includes unusual table names so that you can use it with an existing database.

Webmail Pro is also easy to customize, since the code is well commented and unencrypted. All application settings are in stored in the Application.cfm. Configurable application settings including file size limit, download and POP timeouts, and the number of attachments allowed per message. To save developers further time, users are given access to a preferences interface so that they can control their own application settings. It's also easy to implement WYSIWYG editors in the message form with the included code examples.

Webmail Pro has also been coded so that all user files are securely segmented in their own directories, and all variables are locked so that information can't be corrupted or stolen from someone's session*. All database transactions a cross-referenced with the user's internal ID so that user's can't affect someone else's data, and all FORM and URL parameters are controlled for malicious SQL.

* User files are accessed securely via Webmail and Webmail Pro, although other vulnerabilities may exist due to flaws in your system architecture or network security.

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