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Webmail Pro offers a whole suite of personalized, database-driven email features comparable to Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and Outlook Express.

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Using Webmail Pro with an Access database
It is possible to modify the code of Webmail Pro to work with Microsoft Access. There are a couple of things to note about the performance of the application when using Access: first, be aware that Microsoft Access does not support database fields longer than 64K through ODBC connections. This means that if you use Webmail Pro with an Access database, users will not be able to send or retrieve message attachments which are longer than 64k, which is a significant limitation; second, Access is limited to one user at a time, meaning that a second user must wait to access the database until the first is done. While this usually only takes a fraction of a second per user, this can sometimes lead to very slow performance for sites which have many users.


  1. Download the pre-configured Access database for use with Webmail Pro from
    and create a ColdFusion DSN which points at it.
  2. Search and replace to change all instances of UPPER to UCASE.
  3. Search and replace to change all instances of DATALENGTH to LEN.
  4. In messagelist.cfm, delete the REPLACE functions from the qMessagelist query on line 197. You can instead code these replacements in CFML.
  5. In message.cfm, delete the subqueries for nextSubject and prevSubject from the qMessage query on line 25. Then delete the references to those query columns in lines 124 and 125.
  6. Since Microsoft Access does not support database fields longer than 64K, you may want to modify the application in some of the following ways:
    1. Display text to your users informing them of the limit;
    2. Force an error if a user trys to send a message with an attachment of more than 64k;
    3. Truncate the data which is inserted into the attachments table;
    4. Change your ODBC database connection to a DAO or OLEDB connection which may support longer data fields (I can't verify that this is possible).

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