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Webmail Pro

Webmail Pro offers a whole suite of personalized, database-driven email features comparable to Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and Outlook Express.

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Is Webmail Pro open source? Is it unencrypted?
Although Webmail Pro is unencrypted and can be modified to suit your needs, it is not "open source" because you are not free to resell it. The license allows each purchased copy to be installed in only one location. Bulk licensing agreements can be explored.

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Will Webmail Pro work with a Microsoft Access database?
The code for Webmail Pro can be modified so that it will work with Microsoft Access, although the use of Access will enforce some significant limitations on the functionality of the application. The most important of these is that Microsoft Access does not support database fields longer than 64K, which will prevent users from sending or reading message attachments which are longer than that length. Instructions for modifying the Webmail Pro code and a pre-configured Access database are available on this site.

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How secure is Webmail Pro?
Webmail Pro has also been coded so that all user files are securely segmented in their own directories, and all variables are locked so that information can't be corrupted or stolen from someone's session. All database transactions a cross-referenced with the user's internal ID so that user's can't affect someone else's data, and all FORM and URL parameters are controlled for malicious SQL.

User files are accessed securely via Webmail Pro, although other vulnerabilities may exist due to flaws in your system architecture or network security. For instance, it is highly suggested that you configure Webmail Pro to store users' attachments in a directory outside of the web root, but if you don't, the attachments are actually browseable through the web.

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Can Webmail Pro send HTML-formatted messages?
Webmail Pro can send emails messages with HTML (or "rich-text") formatting. The format of each email can be changed by using a pulldown menu on the message composition form, and it can also be individually set for each user by choosing a default in the application preferences. Finally, Webmail Pro works extremely well with WYSIWYG editors such as eWebEditPro2 from Ektron ( and soEditor from SiteObjects ( I've included demo pages in the application to show how easily these editors can be integrated. Please note that these editors are subject to their own licenses and must be purchased separately.

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Does Webmail Pro provide anti-virus protection?
Webmail Pro does not offer any integrated anti-virus support, although it is possible to get virus protection either by installing anti-virus software on your web server or, more importantly, by persuading your users to install anti-virus software on their desktop computers. Such software can usually provide what is called "script blocking", which means that it can protect a computer from malicious scripts in HTML pages or HTML emails which are viewed through a browser. In the end, Webmail Pro shares the strengths and weaknesses of the virus protection, if any, on the end user's computer.

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Is Webmail Pro a POP3/SMTP server?
Webmail Pro is not a POP3 or SMTP server. You or your users must have a separate POP3 server to host email accounts and separate SMTP software to send messages. Webmail Pro uses ColdFusion's CFPOP and CFMAIL tags to retrieve and send messages.

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Troubleshooting database connectivity
Some users have experienced errors when trying to view attachments which are larger than 64K. This is most likely a database connectivity problem. You should check for the following:

  1. If you are using MS-SQL Server, make sure that your datasource was originally created as a System DSN via Windows instead of through the CF Administrator (this will automatically create an entry in the CF Admin DSN list for you);
  2. Make sure that "Enable long text retrieval" is checked off for Webmail Pro's DSN in the ColdFusion administrator;
  3. Make sure that your ODBC driver is configured to pass long text.

If you have done all of these, are using Windows 2000, and are still experiencing errors, try installing the latest COM+ update on the ColdFusion server (thanks to Jonathan Caldwell for the tip!)
This will solve problems for both MS SQL Server and for MySQL. If you are running ColdFusion on Windows98, your COM+ software should be updated if you download the latest updates from Microsoft Windows Update (thanks to Roy Cunningham for the tip!)

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