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Webmail (now version 2.0!)

Web-based access to any POP account

Webmail is a robust, reliable, and feature-packed Coldfusion-based email client. It provides a web interface to read and send mail through any POP email account, offering an address book, inline display of images, automatic hyperlinking of the URLs and email addresses in messages, sending multiple attachments, and support for viewing and sending HTML-formatted emails. Want to see for yourself? Just try the demo.

You can purchase Webmail for $29.00 by clicking on the purchase button on the left-hand side of this page. It's fast, free and secure! Your software will be emailed to you immediately after your purchase.

Access to your email from anywhere

Webmail can be used to access a POP email account from any browser, from any location in the world-- even from Yahoo! Mail and GMail accounts. (A demo of the current version will be coming soon.) A user submits their login information, is shown a list of messages, and can view individual messages and their attachments as well as compose and send replies. Webmail installation is a snap, and takes only 4 easy steps which are spelled out in detail in the included README file.

New and improved features

Webmail has just been upgraded to version 2.0, with lots of great new features. You can now specify text strings that you can use to identify and remove spam emails; you can import your addressbook from other popular email clients; you can specify server ports and SSL/TLS encryption so as to access any email server, including Yahoo! Mail and Gmail; and, you can block external images and content from untrusted messages, so that spammers can't track your email opens with their web bugs. Users can now save their preferences, including which timezone they're in and which language the application should use.

¿Hablo Español? Sprechen zie Deutsch?

Webmail now uses language files so that it can support other languages than English. In fact, we need people to translate the language file for us. Just drop us a line and let us know which language you can write for us. If your translation is approved, we'll give you a free copy of Webmail in exchange for your work.

Open source for easy customization

Webmail's code is written in well-commented, well-organized CFML files so that it's easy for you to customize the code for your installation. Nothing is encrypted, and you're encouraged to make changes which will make Webmail the best possible webmail client for you.

If you want even more great features in your webmail client, such as configurable folders, storage of all messages and attachments, and user preferences, consider purchasing Webmail Pro!. If you've already purchased Webmail and would like to upgrade to Webmail Pro for only $20.00, please contact the author. Please note that upgrade transactions must be made with the same email address that was used in the original purchase. No exceptions.

Each purchase of webmail gives the buyer license for one webmail installation. Each additional installation of Webmail should have another license purchased for it. Volume discounts and reselling licenses can be arranged.

Make payments with PayPal - fast, free and secure!
Only $29.00

Make payments with PayPal - fast, free and secure! Your software will be emailed to you immediately after your purchase.

Translate for us and get Webmail for free!

Webmail now has the capability for each user to choose the language they'd like to read while using the application-- but unfortunately, we don't have that many translation files written yet. If you're able to translate our single lookup file to a new language, we'll send you a copy of Webmail in exchange. Please contact for details.

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