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Webmail and Webmail Pro

Bringing powerful, web-based email to ColdFusion

Webmail (now at version 2.0) and Webmail Pro are robust, reliable, and feature-packed web-based email clients driven by ColdFusion, providing a web interface to read and send mail through any POP email account. Webmail Pro offers all of the features of regular Webmail plus a whole suite of personalized, database-driven features which bring it to the level of Yahoo! Mail, GMail, Hotmail, and Outlook Express. Please read the feature chart below to decide which version of Webmail is right for you.

Comparison Chart



Webmail Pro
Accesses any POP account
Shows HTML-formatted emails
Sends HTML-formatted emails
Send and receive multiple attachments
All user files and session information secured*
URLs and email addresses automatically hyperlinked in messages
Shows images inline
Stores email address list
Complete address book functionality
Stores user preferences
Stores user signature
Permanently stores all messages  
Organizes messages in customizable folders  
Messages show read/unread status, show replied to/forwarded status  
Ability to search messages  
Supports message priority and read receipt  
Automatic database configuration  
Price $29.00 $49.00

* File attachments are accessed securely via Webmail and Webmail Pro, although other vulnerabilities may exist due to flaws in your system architecture or network security.

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