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animateImage() JavaScript Function (

Contributions: As the first individual to submit and publish a script on Webmonkey's JavaScript Library, I had to work with the Webmonkey staff to implement the process of preparing scripts, copy, and public licenses for future submissions. The process took months, but the result is the publication of my freely available script animateImage().

Normally, causing an image to animate itself in response to user activities requires a DHTML-enabled browser or a plug-in such as Shockwave or Flash. But my animateImage() function allows the same functionality with any JavaScript-enabled browser. It takes an array of images (just like the frames of an animated GIF) and allows one to cycle through them forwards or backwards, with or without looping, simply by calling the function with JavaScript event handlers. For instance, in a regular mouseover your image stays on one state when the mouse is off of it and flips to a second state when the mouse is over it. My function allows you to animate the image through several states, as if it were an animated GIF which were reacting to the user. Please check out my demonstration of this function in the JavaScript section of this site.

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