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Portfolio: Intranet Sites

FAO Schwarz Email Marketing

Contributions: I developed an email marketing site which offered FAO the ability to select a market segment from their customer database using various purchasing and demographic criteria, send a rich-text email to that segment, and track the success of the campaign as measured in email views, click-throughs, and purchases.

I performed almost all of the development for the email marketing web site.

BrandStamp's Extranet & Registration Engine (

Contributions: BrandStamp worked with manufacturers and web retailers to collect users' product registrations at the point of purchase. Manufacturers and retailers could then analyze their reigstrations and the accompanying user information through BrandStamp, sending tailored email messages to targeted user groups. Users could track and recall their own registration records and opt out or into emailings. BrandStamp was a Cambridge Incubator member company which unfortunately ran out of funding in early 2001. It's a disappointment, because they had a great idea which we fully implemented on the web.

We did a massive amount of work to implement this company's online strategy: first, we had to write and package server-side and client-side methods of passing registration information from the retailers' sites to BrandStamp; next we had to write a registration engine which would listen for and process those registrations; then we had to write a secure extranet where BrandStamp, manufacturers, and retailers could query the registration database and maintain targeted email campaigns; and finally, we created a site for the users could view their registration records and opt in or out of email communications.

I was the lead developer on a two-person team for this site, which was written in ColdFusion. I wrote the JavaScript client-side registration solutions, as well as the engine which collected registrations via HTTP and email. I also wrote the extranet's registration query form, which let users search for registrations by date range, manufacturer, retailer, product, and user demographic. Whenever any of the form values were changed, the query results at the top of the page would update themselves in real time without a form submission or page redraw, which was done with the use of JavaScript and Macromedia's Generator.

Hasbro Webtickets Intranet Site

Contributions: Hasbro's web administrators wanted an internal site to track the requests that were made of them for changes to their many web sites. This ticketing system lets the users create a prioritized ticket and view its status over time as the administrators work. The system also lets both parties attach an ongoing system of notes to any ticket. Although many developers worked with this ColdFusion application, I contributed throughout the development cycle to the application design, database design, coding, and final implementation.

FidelityNet@Work Intranet Site

Contributions: FidelityNet@Work is the primary Intranet site for Fidelity employees worldwide. My noteworthy contributions are mostly on its homepage, where I implemented the JavaScript code for a Y2K-compliant date, an image rollover, and a pop-up window which displayed a Fidelity 'factoid' chosen at random. The pop-up window also linked to a detail page pertaining to the chosen factoid.

Fidelity Software Tools & Practices Intranet Site

Contributions: Our group provided Software Tools & Practices (SPT) with templates for each of the four different parts of their site, and we coded the navigation tables which were inserted into each page via server-side includes. My best contribution to this site is a JavaScript which is embedded in the navigation file; it contains an editable hierarchy, representing the navigation of the site, which prints out the expanded navigation appropriate to the page being displayed. All the client has to do is embed a short and simple numerical code into the page which tells the script how to expand and display the navigation.

Intranet Publishers' Forum Intranet Site

Contributions: For this site I wrote a CGI script which took all of the information the user submitted via a form and appended it to a text file in delimited format. This text file can be downloaded by the Forum's sitemanager and, because of the delimited format, can be easily imported into a spreadsheet.

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