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Portfolio: Internet Sites (

Contributions: I am the lead developer for this site, which is the web's leading provider of educational content and tools on stock options, ESPPs, and restricted stock. I started working on this site during their first revision, during which I implemented a whole new layout, a new drop-down navigation, free and premium memberships with credit card authorization, an "email this article" feature, and a real-time stock quote system. All of this integrates with MSO's current content management system.

Boston Bar Association Calendar (

Contributions: I created a new calendaring system from scratch for the BBA. Since I was able to build it for less than their annual fee with their previous calendaring host, the BBA was able to get their own customized system and save money at the same time. The calendar offers a view by year, month, week, and day; a graphical calendar mode and a "list" mode; the ability to add external links to the events; and a search feature.

GreatAupairSM (

Contributions: This ColdFusion-based site serves as a person-to-person meetingplace for families and aupairs who are looking for to meet each other. I came into the project when it was about a third of the way through, and after a month took over as the lead developer at the client's request. It features personal registration, profile matching, credit card verification for subscriptions, and an extensive backend system for the business owner to keep track of users, content, and finances. Since going live in December 2001, this site has generated high revenues in monthly subscription revenues for the owner.
GreatAupairSM is a service mark of Intelimark Enterprises, LLC.

FAO Schwarz (

Contributions: Our team at Mindseye completely redesigned and recoded, launching the new version in August, 2001. Using Spectra and ColdFusion 5, we revamped the homepage, product listing and detail pages, and the checkout process; we refined the product search and made it more responsive to mispellings; and finally, we introduced a new "MyFAO" user registration system on the site that provided for address book, billing and shipping information, and personalized gift suggestions for all users. The new version of this site was much more robust, reliable, and faster than the old version.

There was also a secure and extensive admin section where FAO could control a host of site settings, and a separate email marketing site which offered FAO the ability to select a market segment from their customer database using various purchasing and demographic criteria, send a rich-text email to that segment, and track the success of the campaign as measured in email views, click-throughs, and purchases.

I performed both IA and some development for this site. I was the lead IA for the main site at, which meant that I developed and documented a completely new site hierarchy and navigation, registration system, and checkout process. I also performed almost all of the development for the email marketing web site.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston (

Contributions:, running on Allaire Spectra, is a great site for the youth of Boston to show off their computer skills. With the anywhere editing capabilities of Spectra, the kids from each of the clubs can upload their own exhibits in photography, sculpture, and literature to the site for the world to see.

I coded all of the Spectra in the site: the objects and methods, the security schema, and the application-wide settings. Another junior developer working with me coded most of the front-end HTML. There is also a customized admin section to the site that I created, where, depending personal and group permissions,one can create and maintain objects throughout

Hasbro Interactive (

Contributions: This site is one of Hasbro's most successful ecommerce sites, pulling in hundreds of purchases per day. I programmed all of the code for this site, from the cross-referenced "Find-Your-Fun" section, the product catalog, the search function, and the backend editor.

The front end of the site is split into three areas: MicroProse, Hasbro Interactive, and Atari. Although the three areas are each differently designed, they use a great deal of pages in common, which saves Hasbro money and time in site maintenance. Those common pages build themselves dynamically to the correct appearance for the section of the site which they are being called from. The whole site is database-driven, so that when a user views the press releases, the product catalog, the job opportunities, or a product page, they are seeing the latest up-to-date prices and information. The "Find-Your-Fun" section is a great use of both javaScript and ColdFusion code, allowing the user to choose from any number of different cross-referencing selections to narrow down a real-time database query of the game titles which are right for them.

The backend of the site allows Hasbro employees to develop entries for new products before sending them live, and it also allows them to remove old products from the live site without deleting them from the database in case of future need for them. the editor allows one to edit the site's job listings, press releases, and products; each of the products can be edited for price, description, brand, platform availability, and even associated with other products for cross-selling. Since the site went live, Hasbro has used this backend to perhaps triple the number of popular items they sell on this site. (

Contributions: I programmed the front end of Hasbro's Starwars site, which consists of a product catalog, a list of collectible starwars dolls, a section oriented towards young children offering a toy showcase and virtual coloring book, a section oriented towards more mature collectors featuring interviews with toy sculptors, collecting news, and a toy voting area, a virtual diorama where users can create their own pictures with starwars toys on top of backgrounds from Episode I, and a registration area where users can sign up for toy news and store lists of the toys which they would like to have and those they already have. (

Contributions: I programmed all of the HasbroCollectors site, from the search function, the brand and product pages, and the backend editor. This site runs on the ColdFusion platform and is driven from an Oracle database whose schema I completely redesigned myself.

The front end of this site, which represents all of Hasbro's collectibles, has a showcase of four toys on the front page. I programmed the homepage so that each time a user views the front page they are shown a random set of such toys in random order, so the site appears fresher. There are also special offers shown at the bottom of the page and a news banner at the top, both of which are populated from the site's database. The brand and individual product pages are also populated from the database.

I built a sophisticated backend for this site which Hasbro employees use with great frequency to maintain the site themselves. They can create, delete, or inactivate many of the site's elements such as special offers, news items, brands, and products. I even equipped the backend to use Macromedia's Generator to create a Flash news banner for the homepage whenever Hasbro chooses to update their news items. Hasbro can control all of the factors of their product information, including the name, price, type, and brand. All of the database elements are given a status so that Hasbro can work with them before sending them live to the public. Since the site went live, Hasbro has found it easy to add a tremendous number of new brands and products to the HasbroCollector's catalog.

Sitara Web Site (

Contributions: While the five-person development team I led wrote the majority of the ColdFusion code for Sitara, I was responsible for planning the overall application structure and security model. This site offers front-end editing with the Ektron WYSIWYG editor and roles-based user security.

Essentially this means that the site administrator can give specified Sitara employees editing permissions to only a certain portion or portions of the site. After logging in, these users are shown editing "widgets", or hyperlinked icons, on the front end of the site. When these widgets are clicked on, the page is redrawn with the Ektron editor holding the content so that the user can now edit, preview, and save changes to the content, including graphics (move your mouse over the screenshot to see the editor). While this editing does take place via the front end of the site, no other users see the widgets or the editor; they just see the new content once it's been saved.

Lyons Web Site (

Contributions: I coded the practically all of the Lyons corporate web site, including the password-protected Participants section. This financial planning site uses quite a few technologies, such as ColdFusion, CGI, JavaScript, and SSL to make a great experience for its users.

The site is written in ColdFusion and has a password-protected area, verified against a database, which lets authorized Lyons participants view their financial statements online. These statements are generated by both third-party CGI programs and SQL queries to different databases. The protected area also features two financial calculators which I wrote in ColdFusion and JavaScript which figure 1) your expected balance for retirement, and 2) how to achieve a certain balance with a certain schedule of investment. I also assisted this client in obtaining, installing, and implementing an SSL certificate for their server.

ArrowPoint Web Site (

Contributions: I coded the entirety of the ArrowPoint corporate web site, including the password-protected PartnerWeb and SupportWeb sections. This site utilizes my JavaScript function which allows a link in the site to call up a frameset containing any document, not just that which the frameset is hard-coded to call when it is first displayed in the browser.

Originally the corporate site was written with static HTML pages. Some months after the main site was completed, I added the secure PartnerWeb section, which, using the ColdFusion platform, is password protected and allows ArrowPoint personnel to update site content and documents via a web-based backend. At this point we also started to use ColdFusion in the corporate site for its search function and contact form. Finally, I coded ArrowPoint's SupportWeb area, which uses ColdFusion to support hierarchical levels of security to all of the site's content and documents. As with PartnerWeb, the support section has a web-based backend which allows ArrowPoint personnel to maintain the site's content and even to customize the content for different user levels.

Fidelity Canada Web Site (

Contributions: For over a year I was the primary HTML and JavaScript programmer for Fidelity Canada's web site. The site is divided into English and French halves; I would make daily (news articles), monthly (fund information), and quarterly (newsletters) updates to both areas. This site utilizes one of my more inspired JavaScripts, which allows a link in the site to call up - with one click - a frameset containing any document, not just that which the frameset is hard-coded to call when it is first displayed in the browser.

I rewrote the site twice for redesigns: the first incorporated new navigational graphics which were coded as server-side includes into all pages; the second utilized JavaScript rollovers for all bullets in the menus and another round of navigational graphics. While Canada has recently taken over their own site maintenance, I have remained in an advisory role to them and am coding all of the framesets and navigation for their next redesign.

Seaport Hotel Web Site (

Contributions: I wrote the HTML, JavaScript, and CGI code for the entirety of this site and in its companion site for the World Trade Center Boston. This frames-based site has JavaScript rollovers on the navigation and homepage, QuickTime VR movies showing a panoramic view of the Boston skyline and a view of a Seaport guest room, and a link to a third-party online reservation system. I also wrote a CGI script which links a pulldown menu on the homepage's navigation to different pages which match the profiles of diverse Seaport clients.

World Trade Center Boston Web Site (

Contributions: I wrote the HTML, JavaScript, and CGI code for the entirety of this site and in its companion site for the Seaport Hotel. This frames-based site has JavaScript rollovers on the navigation and homepage, QuickTime VR movies, and often temporary pages detailing the events the WTCB is hosting at the time (for instance, I also created the graphics and HTML code for the Titanic Exhibition's minisite during its Boston show). I also wrote a CGI script which links a pulldown menu on the homepage's navigation to different pages which match the profiles of diverse WTCB clients.

Opportunities@Fidelity (Fidelity Employment) (

Contributions: While my colleagues at The Interactive Services Group programmed most of this site, my contribution was the JavaScript and CGI script behind this section's navigational pulldown menu. The JavaScript code brought the user to the section of the site selected in the pulldown, while the CGI script worked as a backup, performing the task if the user's browser did not support JavaScript.

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