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Only by writing HTML code by hand can someone develop an expertise with its use. I learned to write HTML by hand, and that's the manner in which I continue to work - directly with the code. Nothing else gives you the same assurance of stable, quality web documents.

While I do write all of my code, I like to take advantage of HTML-specific text editors to make page development as fast as possible and to assure the consistency of pages across a site. What I do prefer to use is a text editor like HomeSite to standardize code among pages, to make very quick but detailed search-and-replace functions, and to make creating and editing all HTML tags a breeze. The readability of the code in a page is also very important to me.

This site itself is evidence of the breadth and depth of my knowledge of HTML code. While almost any web developer is familiar with the use of common tags for anchors, tables, frames, and forms, I have an expert knowledge of which tags are part of which revision of the HTML specification, which browsers support certain tags and not others, and exactly how browsers interpret those tags.

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