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Dynamic HTML

Dynamic HTML is a very exciting enhancement to Web pages, allowing them to integrate animations and user interactivity, all while using simpler code and less download time. It even has the capability to turn a web site from a static brochure into a data-driven interactive application available to everyone around the world no matter what their computer platform.

Writing DHTML which can handle the idiosyncrasies of both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer is difficult at best. Trying to make such code degrade gracefully in older browsers makes writing such code even more challenging- but they both are goals which I like to try to achieve when writing DHTML.

One example of my DHTML coding ability which you have perhaps already seen is the drop-down menus which appear under this site's navigation bar when you roll over it with the mouse (if you have a DHTML-enabled, 4.x browser). There are also other examples of DHTML for you to see in this section, such as my pop-up boxes and slideout tabs.

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