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ColdFusion Tags

Webmail and Webmail Pro are robust, reliable, and feature-packed Coldfusion-based email clients. They both provide a web interface to read and send mail through any POP email account, offering an address book, inline display of images, automatic hyperlinking of the URLs and email addresses in messages, and support for viewing and sending HTML-formatted emails. Webmail Pro is more feature complete, storing all sent and received emails in a database and offering much more powerful configuration options to the user and administrator.

<CF_IMAGEWORKS> brings the power of image manipulation tools to ColdFusion. It's a wrapper tag which accesses John Christy's ImageMagick program ( CF_IMAGEWORKS lets you scale, crop, greyscale, and reformat images on the fly. You can either modify an existing image or create a new image from an original.

<CF_PROGRESSMETER> displays a professional-looking animated progress bar of any measurable ColdFusion operation to a user without a page refresh, keeping the user more engaged with the site during long operations.

I'm pleased to present the ColdFusion custom tag <CF_HTPASSWD>. Have you ever wanted to have both the control and personalization of ColdFusion authentication *and* the protection of directory-level security of Apache web server (a.k.a basic authentication)? This is what you've been waiting for!

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